Useful Tips for keeping active while on holiday

Useful Tips for keeping active while on holiday.

Avoid the trap of the holiday mindset. The festive season comes and goes, but good health stays with you forever. Just because your routine might be slightly disrupted due to travel or Christmas parties and celebrations, you don't have to lose all the momentum you worked so hard for during the year.

Here are some cool and creative suggestions to keep you active during the festive season.

Plan ahead

Although it’s the season to be merry, it can also be a very stressful time of year as our routine changes and expectations soar. If you are travelling, familiarize yourself with the area. Check if your hotel has gym facilities, if you’re staying with family make sure you know where the local gym is, or where the safe spots are to go for a run. Make sure you have a holiday agenda, so you are able to make time for a workout. Pack your resistance bands, or a skipping rope just in case. These items are lightweight and can be used to keep you moving when time is limited.

Get creative

December in Africa is always a treat with beautiful, sunny weather. Rather than worrying about getting to the gym, get creative with your workouts. Take a run on the beach or a brisk walk in your nearest park (your dogs will love you for it). Organise a family rugby match or take the kids white water rafting or biking. Spending time outdoors is not only good for the body, but also for the mind! The holiday season is a great time to try something new. Do you research and find the activity you have not yet had time to try! You can even count shopping as exercise! Skip the escalators and take the stairs, use those shopping bags as weight and see how many steps you rack up on whilst doing your Christmas shopping.

Use technology

So, your gym is closed, or you’re travelling to an unknown destination? This doesn’t mean your workout has to grind to a halt. With technology at our fingertips, you can workout anywhere at any time. Research some highly rated apps that will provide you with fast and convenient training programmes. Use your smart watch or health app on your phone to track your steps and keep tabs on this. Curate a holiday playlist that will motivate you and put you in the Christmas spirit and use this when you take your morning run. Look for YouTube channels that will guide you in convenient workouts or simple meditations.

Any movement is good movement

You do not need equipment to keep working out. A set of push ups, some squats, some sit ups and a bit of planking every day is good enough to keep your workout maintained. There are no excuses. A simple run, walk or swim counts as well! If finding 20 minutes to dedicate to a workout is proving challenging, then just stay mindful. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is harmful to your health. Research shows that getting up for just five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes and performing light activity like pacing around the house or performing simple squat exercises reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease. So pause your TV show, take a quick walk around your garden, have a quick dip in the pool or take a sprint to shops. Any movement is good movement and will be beneficial.

Get up early

Although we all love a bit of a lie-in when on holiday, there’s no time like the morning to get things done. Research shows that people who work out in the morning are more likely to keep a consistent routine and sleep more soundly at night. Doing your work out nice and early also frees you up for all the festivities later in the day and you can go to your party without the guilt of missing a workout.

Lastly, remember to set achievable goals. It is the end of the year and you have earned some downtime. Embrace the feeling of the season and try not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t manage to keep up your exact routine. Make lists of what you want to do and achieve each day, but do not panic if you don’t get around to it. By making the choice to stay active and healthy during the festive season, you’ll already be starting the new year off on a great foot, even if you’re not operating at 100% of your chosen health goals. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a marathon not a sprint.

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