As winter starts to make its appearance, we can already feel the effects of the colder weather and the potential risks it poses.

Now, more than ever it is absolutely imperative for us to place focus on activating our immune systems to give our bodies the best possible chance at fighting off viruses.

We have spent 2 years battling a global pandemic and whilst we hope that the major risk has passed, it is not a good idea to rest on our laurels and take our health for granted.

A strong, activated immune system will ensure that we are able to practice the old adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’.


We like to think we’re invincible, but more often than not due to the busy lifestyles we lead, we tend to take our health for granted. When we are stressed or over-worked, we compromise our immune system, leaving the door wide open for the dreaded bacteria and viruses to attack.

There is no magic supplement or quick fix to activating your immune system. As with most health-related issues, a lifestyle change and simple mindful techniques will set you on the right path.


Immune-boosting foods are no myth. Ensure that your eating plan includes plants, fibre, protein and healthy fats.

Foods that contain probiotics and yeasts promote gut health and will keep your tummy happy, avoiding those nasty aches and cramps.

The best rule of thumb is to include lots of colours into your diet. We all know that Vitamin C is a proven immune booster, so choose fruits that are Vitamin C enriched. Reduce your processed sugar intake and stick to the natural stuff!


Water is absolutely imperative to keeping your immune system healthy. Fun fact – lymphs in your circulatory system carry important infection-fighting immune cells around your body and are largely made up of water.

When you are dehydrated you slow down the movement of these lymphs and this can lead to impairing your immune system. Remember, you don’t only lose water through sweat, this happens daily through natural bodily movements like breathing and urinating.


If only it was that easy right? We take for granted just how imperative it is to give our bodies down time to rejuvenate.

Infection-fighting molecules are created whilst you sleep, so you need to give them the opportunity to generate!

Work on developing a regular sleeping pattern. Devices and screen time just before bed can place unnecessary stress on you, as well as wake your brain up, when it's meant to be slowing down.

Take time to work on mindful practices like meditation to relax and calm your mind before you want to go to sleep. Regular daily exercise and a solid routine are also the ideal stress busters!


There are many supplements on the market that all promise to be effective immune boosters. Be aware that many of these ‘over-the-counter’ supplements are not FDA approved and there is little scientific evidence to prove that they actually work.

According to Harvard Health, activating your immune system is a complicated process as there are so many different cells that respond in many different ways, so singling out a supplement that single handedly boosts your immunity has not yet been found.

Bear this in mind before reaching for the pill bottle and consider a sustainable lifestyle change.

Body20 Members have access to a support team of Nutrition Doctors and Wellness Coaches that will guide and advise you on the best health practices for you specifically.

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