Franchising for the stay-at-home mom


We know being a Mom is a full-time job, but sooner or later we yearn to be back at work doing something we love and earning the bucks!

Returning to the workplace after being a Stay-at-Home Mom can be a little daunting, regardless of how long you have been away and although your mini-me is probably the toughest client you will ever have, some Moms tend to feel they have fallen behind when it comes to the workspace.

This is not the case, however, and in this blog, we offer Stay-at-Home Moms the perfect solution to getting back to work, on your terms, with an arsenal of skills you might not realise you have acquired.


According to MSNBC, 43% of women quit their jobs after having children. Of those women, 70% eventually return to work — but only 40% come back full-time. But what’s the alternative?

Stay-at-Home Moms can consider opening businesses from scratch and capitalising on creative skills or expertise, but this is often a huge undertaking, with years passing before any rewards are reaped.

So let’s eliminate that possibility and put aside all the scary statistics. Franchising is the ideal solution. Be your own boss, in business for yourself but not by yourself.

In a Franchise model, ownership and being close to your business is essential, however with the support of managers and the franchisor, you can manage the day-to-day running of the company whilst maintaining a certain amount of freedom in your schedule that is imperative when being a parent.

Body20 offers franchising opportunities that come packed with benefits, basically setting you up with everything you need to run the business.

It is no secret that The Body20 System is one of the most advanced fitness systems, globally. The Body20 Franchise model ensures your success as you are supported from start to finish with Extended Franchise & Staff Training, Curriculum, Onboarding Program, Training Academy, BIZFIT and more. The model serves multiple markets including sports & training, health & medical as well as beauty & wellness, the Body20 Brand offers potential franchisees a multitude of unique advantages. You’re able to earn subscription revenue whilst appreciating low overheads and high returns.

With more flexibility and less risk, taking your Stay-at-Home Mom skills, and investing in a franchise offers you the best of both worlds.


One benefit of being a Stay-at-Home Mom is that you’ve acquired excellent skills that can translate from running the home to running a business.

Consider the following skill sets:

  • Multi-tasking, time management and crisis control.
  • Leadership, mentoring and team management.
  • Financial management, budgeting and negotiating.
  • Communication, delegation and creative thinking.

And you didn’t even realise you were doing all these things by simply being a Mom! Well, you are, and these skills put you in great stead for being a business owner.

So change the narrative from “I’ve just been a Mom for the last few years” into, “I have been managing my own little empire” and look at the benefits of re-entering the workspace as the Captain of a new ship! You have the ability!

Owning a business can be much more rewarding and flexible than returning to full-time work, and lining a corporation’s pockets. Focus on investing in yourself. You could start with a lower-investment franchise and then build as you feel more comfortable. Growth happens when we challenge ourselves.

The combination of Body20’s unique EMS technology, our upmarket training Studios and rapid results make Body20 an exciting franchise opportunity.

We guide you every step of the way – from finding the best premises to kitting out your Studio, we’re dedicated to ensuring the success of our Studio owners. We help entrepreneurs set up their own Body20 EMS Studio and provide continuous training to ensure the franchise’s ongoing success.

Body20 will prepare a professional financial plan for you and your investment includes all Body20 equipment, furniture, marketing, and operator training.

Book an online Discovery Session or download our info pack via to find out more.

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