Prevent Injuries and Recovery

How To Prevent Injuries or Boost Your Recovery

Injuries Happen! Life happens, work is stressful and time is always running away. Our days seem to be full to the brim, we become stressed, rushed, and we take shortcuts in our routines.

It’s human! Sometimes, when taking shortcuts in a physical activity, mishaps occur. We need to understand the healing process, and what we did to our bodies, and start the journey to full body repair.

One of our members, Fraser, slipped a disc trying to move a desk at home. As he tried lifting the desk, he felt a tearing pain in his back.

He was man down for months. Chiro visits, back braces, and even a short stay in hospital are what followed in pursuit of recovery.

Eventually he contacted Body20 and we set him up with a recovery plan. EMS training paired with good rest assisted in speeding up his recovery.

This is one example of the many ways we can injure ourselves. We are fragile creatures and we tend to be hard on our bodies.

And at times we exceed the limits of what our bodies can handle. Life drives us to always push harder, to be faster, more productive, more motivated, more positive, fitter, better, and eventually our bodies scream ‘Enough’!

Visit The Professionals

At Body20, we understand the journey. We’ve walked (and sometimes limped) the path. Our clients come to us because they know we get it. Obviously, the first step is avoiding the injury. Watch your form, always brace, ease in, maintain your breathing. Our coaches are there to ensure you are looked after. They will enable you to get the most from your training, and make sure you do so in the safest way possible.

And then our hyper stressed brains forget the basics, and pop goes a tendon. We have a secret weapon – in fact, an arsenal – that we rely on for injury recovery. Our toolkit and methods are not just tried and tested, but proven through decades, if not centuries, of research and scientific study.

We also specialise in building up your body to the point where injury risk is minimised. EMS technology develops all aspects of your musculature, giving you more confidence in injury avoidance to begin with.


EMS is used by millions around the world, from professional sports people to the elderly, from people who have no interest in physical activities to the 7-day a week athlete.

EMS uses ground breaking technology to stimulate the entire targeted muscle, or even muscle group, in order to help the targeted area recover or grow. The benefits are plentiful, and proven.

The stress of a long term healing process weighs heavily, but with the recovery times that EMS delivers, stress levels are dramatically decreased. Mental health along with the reduction of stress, is as important as physical health.

Body20 Say Relax

Body20 also offers an amazing program, both for recovery and for , you guessed it, relaxing. Just 20 minutes of Relax20 a week, and you will feel a huge change in your stress levels, and overall body condition.

These sessions involve a gentler form of EMS, while still allowing for muscle recovery and development. All you have to do is lie there, or at most, some very light stretching.

Relax20 helps with circulation too, which further promotes a speedy recovery. We can even ease the pain of arthritis or chronic illness with our sessions.

Should you wish to start developing your body in such a way that the risk of injury is substantially minimised, book your free demo at your nearest Body20 Studio to find out more.

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