Setting yourself up for success in 2023


It’s December and we’re all starting to wind down, looking forward to a well-deserved holiday..

Whilst we encourage self-care and resting IS important, looking ahead to the new year and having a plan of action is imperative to set yourself up for a successful year.

In this week’s blog, we offer you some helpful hints to consider before 2023 arrives.


We have spoken a lot about ‘changing your narrative’ this year. Rather than setting unrealistic resolutions that you’re unlikely to be able to maintain, consider setting micro goals instead. Micro goals will help you reach your destination without the fear of demotivation or getting discouraged because life is getting in the way.

1. Research has proven that you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

2. Break your bigger goals down into smaller steps, with more sustainable and achievable expectations.

3. Be honest with yourself and start with a micro goal that you know you’re likely to achieve early in the year. This will motivate you to continue.


Your environment has so much to do with your success and mental space. Your living and working areas should incite creativity, relaxation, security and productivity respectively.

1. Take a few days during your downtime to declutter your office and home. Throw out or donate anything you haven’t used for a couple of months. Be realistic about the clothes cluttering your cupboards. Extend this spring clean right through to your kitchen and bathroom.

2. Organise your office. Get some new stationery. Buy your 2023 calendar earl. Give your computer a clean-up, and remove old documents.

3. Bring in some new, fresh colours to your space. Change furniture around. Spoil yourself with a new piece of art or furniture to give you a feeling of new beginnings.


It is impossible to be successful if you are unable to operate at your physical and mental capacity. You need to schedule a time to invest in your health and well-being.

Don’t think of it as ‘downtime’ or time away from work, but instead think of this time as a meeting with yourself. Your time spent in the gym should not be a chore, but rather the gift of fitness you’re giving to yourself.

Block out 30 minutes each day to do something entirely for you. Whether that is taking a bubble bath, watching your favourite TV show or spending time with someone special – try to be invested in these moments, put your phone on silent and don’t allow interruptions. Honour your meetings with yourself and watch how your mental health improves.


We never know what lies ahead for us in the future, but with a clear mind and achievable goals, you can write your own script for how your 2023 will play out. Take the time to reflect on the things from this past year you would like to change, what worked well and what you would like to improve upon.

Be gentle with yourself and remember, your health (both physical and mental) should be a top priority.

No matter what challenges lie ahead in 2023, you CAN go into the new year prepared and ready to activate success in whatever you do.

Body20 Members have access to Wellness Coaches that are available to offer advice and guidance on reaching goals, managing stress and supporting self-care.

Book a free demo at your nearest Studio and start planning your holistic health journey for 2023.

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