Becoming a Body20 Coach

Becoming a Body20 Coach

In any aspect of life, it is important to have a strong support system. Whether you are trying to excel at work, manage your home life or even motivate yourself to live a healthy lifestyle, your tribe needs to compliment your vibe.

It takes a village, and the Body20 brand prides itself on offering their members a village and a tribe of qualified, passionate and dedicated staff who are absolutely committed to seeing you live your best life.

One of Body20’s greatest flexes is that we employ an elite group of Coaches, whose love for fitness, nutrition and wellness makes them absolute assets to the Body20 brand. Without them, we would not yield the results we do. Without them, we would not stand out from the crowd.

And with that we would like to shine a spotlight on our Coaches and offer you a little sneak peek into the rigorous training that these dedicated individuals go through in order to ensure that your Body20 experience is fulfilling and reward based.

What is a a Coach?

‘To coach’ is defined as “to train with specific goals in mind; to train in a professional manner by instruction and demonstration”.

‘A coach’ is defined as “ a qualified professional who is able to instruct, demonstrate and guide in the chosen field, with a specific goal in mind.”

What does it take to be a Body20 Coach?

Under the watchful eye of EMS Master Trainer, Neil Campher - The Body20 Coach candidates undergo intensive training that kicks off with in-studio experience.

This entails the shadowing of current Coaches whilst on the job. Candidates are required to watch, learn and understand as our Coaches engage with clients, work with the EMS technology, consult with Members on a wellness level and also gather valuable insight into the inner workings of the Body20 business model.

After their time in the studio, candidates will progress onto certification through Body20 Global. This in-depth course covers every single aspect of the running of the business from EMS coaching right through to management skills, business training, sales and marketing tools, global and area marketing strategies, interpretation of the Body20 Inbody, the FitTrac Programme and the Body20 culture.

After this training, candidates undergo a series of tests, in which they are required to achieve 100% in order to pass! These tests are both theoretical and physical tests that ensure the candidate has a well-rounded understanding of the brand and business expectations.

Once completed, candidates are placed within various studios and their journey with Body20 begins. However, the learning is far from over!

As the fitness industry evolves and changes, Coaches are required to stay on top of new breakthroughs, have a thorough understanding of trends and fads and are expected to continue to learn and grasp the ever-improving world of EMS technology.

Not just a personal trainer.

Unlike conventional gyms, when you join the Body20 family and are paired with a Coach, you are not simply getting someone who is going to instruct you whilst you work out. You are being paired with a Coach who will consult with you on a weekly basis, identify, analyse and assess your goals with your holistic health in mind.

Body20’s Coaches are trained and qualified to be able to help you make necessary adjustments in all aspects of your life, from your diet to your mental wellness, time management, sleep patterns, stress levels as well as get you physically stronger and fitter with 20-minute EMS work-outs each week.

The hands-on, one on one approach taken by the Body20 Coaches sets them and the brand apart from all other offerings available. Members become part of a family that is there to support you, guide you and motivate you.

Reach for the stars.

Body20 believes in nurturing our Coaches and we encourage them to always be striving to be better, just as we do with our Members. Multiple opportunities are presented to dedicated Coaches to grow within the network, often seeing them start as Junior Coaches and work their way up to being franchise owners of their own studios.

Just as with our Members, the Body20 aim is to Activate Your Potential. We work hard to provide Members with Coaches who will do just that, as we activate their potential from inside the business.

It's the circle of life.

“Behind every fearless player, is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be”.

If you’re interested in upgrading your career by becoming a Body20 Coach then sign up to join the Body20 Coach Academy.

Or Book a free demo at your nearest Body20 Studio to come and meet them for yourself.

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